OB Club Profile

OB CLUB was established by Mr.OB.

He was the one who love golf than any hobby in the world. Although, his work schedule was much tied, he still spent a time for his favorite hobby. He played 18 holes at golf course twice a week. How crazy about golf he had!

In year 2013, he had a chance to go to Korea for business meeting. At that time, he accidentally found this golf simulator during his relax time and it was superb. The system was better than others he has ever played. It gave almost same touch as playing in the real golf course. He fell in love with this golf simulator immediately.

When he came back to Thailand, he could not stop thinking about how cool this golf simulator system was.With his strong intention, he wanted to introduce this new golf experience to Thailand. His goal was to create an easier condition, which had no limitation in every circumstance for palying golf.

In year 2014, He decided to bring this Golfzon technology into Thailand and OB CLUB was born!